Some Helpful Advice on Destination Weddings & Planning

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So, you have decided to plan a St Lucia destination wedding! Congratulations, you are making a choice to have a
Wedding Photography  that will be both an adventure and a unique experience. Most destination weddings are planned “from afar” which means that the couple will have a bit of organization and work to tackle long before they leave for their trip.

One thing that all professional wedding planners suggest to anyone hoping to have a destination wedding is to do a little comparison shopping before signing any contracts. Destination weddings are incredibly popular and they can range from very traditional, full-size events to incredibly small and intimate affairs. Regardless of size, however, they all require the same decisions, events and plans.

This means that there should be a realistic price range for most destination wedding venues, and if budget is a concern it would be best to inquire at a few resorts, hotels and locations before making a choice. Because the planning is going to be done from another location, it is best to work with a hotel like Almond Morgan Bay Resort, or facility that specializes in weddings or to hire a local wedding planner.

Wedding Photography


Consider the following: the couple planning a destination

Wedding Photography  is going to need to arrange for all of their “hometown” paperwork and documentation, find and book an official who can legally marry them at the destination, schedule the location for the ceremony, locate and reserve the reception hall, arrange for beverage and meal services, find entertainment or a DJ, schedule the photographer and make arrangements for their honeymoon. Now, that is standard business for any wedding, but the couple planning a destination wedding will need to do all of this via the phone, fax and email. Clearly they are going to need local support, and this is the reason that a St Lucia local wedding coordinator or planner should be considered.