Wedding Interviews

October 17, 2011

Mosiah and Natasha Ramontal

Coffee shop leads coffee-snubs to Wedding Photography He was sitting quietly at his table at Starbucks, buried in books and lost in the world of theology. In his mind, theology student Mosiah Ramontal was mulling over theories, ideas, and beliefs. It was a calming, eye-opening, thought-provoking silence. People, and the scene around him, blurred to oblivion. There was no bustle, no noise, no interruptions—just him and utter peace. Suddenly, a voice jolted him out of his thoughts. “I’m coming to you!” it said . . . In an interesting twist of fate, or, as they say, God is not without a sense of humor, coffee-snub Natasha March was forced to set foot in a place she had never been. But avoid it as she might, on that fateful day she had no choice but to cross the threshold into Starbucks to request help for car trouble. As she pulled open the glass doors, she knew immediately who she would ask for help. He had looked up only briefly and went back to his books. “I’m coming to you,” she repeated. Mosiah blinked. Refocused. The young lady was his future wife, and she needed rescuing. “I was buried in research and […]
September 25, 2011

How I Met the Love of My Life – St Lucia Wedding Photographer

By Kendall Burton Until 2001 in St Lucia, the most I’d ever done online was check my email. I’d just got back from Dominica – recovering from a break-up of a 6 year relationship – a place I usually went to, to escape from the stress in my life. I’d come home from a particularly hard day at work one Friday night and after my usual after work beer, sat down in front of my laptop to check my email, only this time instead of logging off as I usually did, I stayed on and decided to take a tour of the world wide web and see what all the fuss was about. I checked out a few random websites, entered a few random chat rooms, discovered and downloaded MSN messenger and engaged random strangers in meaningless banter. In one particular chat room I encountered a really annoying girl who apparently ticked off everybody in the room.  I was really amused by some of the jeering, but one particular chatter got my attention with her wit and sarcastic skill. Cinnabonn. We began chatting in private and exchanged information. I didn’t hear from her again for months, until late one night when […]
September 22, 2011

Third time’s the charm!

When it’s nice, do it twice… but what about three times—then wind up the same place you began, more in love than you ever thought you could be? Paul and Denise Weston never in a million years dreamed they’d wind up together again when they split up 33 years ago—and their story is one of the most interesting ones we’ve come across in quite some time! “I feel like a pop star,” Paul says jokingly when he’s handed the microphone and that sets the tone for the interview that turns out to be both emotional and fun. The two met for the first time at the of Denise’s older sister. Paul remembers playing kiss catch with Denise and the other kids, and says she let him catch her. They started going out a couple years later and got married in 1974 when she was just 16 and he 17! Needless to say, parents on both sides felt they were too young, but they could do nothing to stop in Paul’s words, the “arrogant youth” who felt they were grown enough to make their own decisions. “We went ahead,” he says. “We weren’t grown up enough. We just felt it was […]
September 10, 2011

Drew & Michelle Duncan – A Wedding Adventure

Though they hesitate to say it, it was almost love at first sight for Michelle and Drew, in a meeting that was inevitable, and compelling. “The first night, I wasn’t trying to impress anybody, I was wearing ratty old clothes, just playing pool. I saw her and I thought ‘oh my!’ I remember that night as the saddest because I didn’t want to see her go,” recalled Drew, a 28-year-old carpenter and student. After meeting her brother-in-law’s best friend while visiting her sister, Michelle, a 36-year-old Administrative Assistant and project coordinator with British Petroleum said, “We had dinner; spent a little time together. I called him on my way back home and we talked for four hours…and then I got him to move to Houston.” That move eventually led to a trip down the aisle at the Sandals Grande Resort in, following a year of “kinda married, kinda not,” which Drew says, “Was weirder than I thought it would be.” Now the two are where they both want to be, following official pronouncements and exchange of rings on the island’s northern shores. This follows several hours of research and “some unexpected family troubles”, which led the couple to decide to […]