Mosiah and Natasha Ramontal

Coffee shop leads coffee-snubs to Wedding Photography He was sitting quietly at his table at Starbucks, buried in books and lost in the world of theology. In his mind, theology student Mosiah Ramontal was mulling over theories, ideas, and beliefs. It was a calming, eye-opening, thought-provoking silence. People, and the scene around him, blurred to […]

How I Met the Love of My Life – St Lucia Wedding Photographer

By Kendall Burton Until 2001 in St Lucia, the most I’d ever done online was check my email. I’d just got back from Dominica – recovering from a break-up of a 6 year relationship – a place I usually went to, to escape from the stress in my life. I’d come home from a particularly […]

Third time’s the charm!

When it’s nice, do it twice… but what about three times—then wind up the same place you began, more in love than you ever thought you could be? Paul and Denise Weston never in a million years dreamed they’d wind up together again when they split up 33 years ago—and their story is one of […]

Drew & Michelle Duncan – A Wedding Adventure

Though they hesitate to say it, it was almost love at first sight for Michelle and Drew, in a meeting that was inevitable, and compelling. “The first night, I wasn’t trying to impress anybody, I was wearing ratty old clothes, just playing pool. I saw her and I thought ‘oh my!’ I remember that night […]

You can’t hurry love

St Lucia Wedding Photographer The Wedding Photography of Rosalie Heligar and Jean Luc De Percin was a sweet reward at the end of a twenty-year courtship to rival any soap opera. 44-year-old Jean Luc, who works with a fertilizer company, lives in Martinique. Rosalie, 41, is the Guest Services Manager at a hotel in St. […]


Wedding Photography Etajh and Zayne Johnson’s Wedding Photography may have lacked the drama normally associated with the day but for them it was exactly as it should be. “What made our wedding so special was that it was so intimate,” says Zayne. “There was nobody there we didn’t know. The most important thing was having […]

Surprise!!! We’re Getting Married! In St Lucia!!!

It was sandy breezes, sunny seas and a lover’s seal, as soul mates John Jones and Karen Hardy tied the knot. It was not the traditional Wedding Photography  but after all says Paul, “It’s not about family, it’s about two people.” These two share a five-year connection that began with friendship. Manager of an auto […]

Courtney and Jennifer Feeling very Hot, Hot, Hot!!

For Courtney Ian Roger Oakley and Jennifer Efani Majumazia, a “hot” Wedding Photography  in Saint Lucia was an easy choice. “It’s a dream destination; just being a place that is known to be luxurious. Saint Lucia is known for doing weddings. It’s every girl dream… if you want something nice, cosy, luxurious,” says Jennifer. Getting […]

Vicky and Amy Biscette – From Cold to Hot, Hot, Hot

After hours talking, Amy says she felt safe with Vicky in a way she hadn’t felt with anybody. “He’s so gentle. I felt comfortable with him, I felt I could trust him…you’re not supposed to kiss a person the first time you meet and I didn’t want him to come across as that kind of person but I kissed him.