May 1, 2016

Family Ties in Paradise – St Lucia Wedding Photographer

For Paul Caulpool and Tracey Patricia Dean, family is at the core of their union, which they made official on the sun-kissed isle of St. Lucia. “It was a beautiful day. Just having family near to us is what really made the day,” gushes Tracey after her picturesque wedding documented by St Lucia wedding photographer, Bill Mortley. The couple was surrounded by their nearest and dearest at the Wyndham Morgan Bay Resort, as the bride was given away by her brother.  The setting however, was as far away as possible from home in Burmley, Kent, near London, with sunny breezes, blue skies and the murmur of waves always in the background. Of course the two British civil servants had to live up to the lush setting, so Paul, 42 and Tracey,38 cast away their usual work wear, and got decked out to reflect the joyous occasion. Affordable wedding photographer in St Lucia The happiness of the day was captured forever by Bill Mortley, who the couple praised for his professionalism, and foresight in taking care of many details in advance, beginning from his website www.billmortleyphotography.com. Tracey could only laugh as she says, “Some of (the guests) have been very rowdy […]
April 29, 2016

8 Things Wedding Photographers Really Wish You’d Stop Asking For

Wedding Photography St Lucia Wedding Photographer And one they wish you would! Kelsey Borresen   It’s for your own good — we promise! Wedding Photography have a big responsibility on their shoulders: to capture one of the most significant and heavily photographed occasions of your life. But shooting a lot of weddings means fielding a ton of requests from brides- and grooms-to-be — and sometimes, those requests are unrealistic and could leave the newlyweds disappointed down the road. Below are 8 oft-requested things that wedding photogs wish you’d stop asking for. 1. Asking to recreate the wedding photos you found on Pinterest.  “I’d like to see clients stop asking for photographs that exactly match ones that they found on Pinterest—particularly when their wedding day light, styling or location is nothing like what is seen in the reference photograph. Good photographers don’t want to copy other photographers.” — Rob Greer of Rob Greer Photography  2. Or asking to replicate photos from styled shoots.  “Many couples see amazing photos on Pinterest and assume they are real weddings. Often, these photos are created as part of styled shoots where there was more than enough time to create them.” — Matt Druin of Matthew Druin & Co.                                                                     Matthew Druin […]
April 28, 2016

The 11 Most Important Phrases In A Marriage

Wedding Photography St Lucia Wedding Photographer   Don’t underestimate the power of these phrases. Kelsey Borresen Using these phrases will help keep your marriage happy and healthy.   Happy couples regularly say “I love you,” but those three little words alone aren’t enough to keep the spark alive through the ups and downs of a long marriage. To that end, we asked relationship experts to tell us the most important phrases husbands and wives can say to each other. Read them below: 1. “I am so lucky I married you.” “We all need affirmation and appreciation. We want to know that our spouse is in love with us and that they’re happy they made the decision to be with us for a lifetime. Wedding Photography. We like to think that they’re thinking about the marriage from time to time. And when this phrase gets blurted out every now and then, it makes a partner feel very loved.” — Pepper Schwartz, professor of sociology and certified sexologist 2. “How can I help you?”  “People married for a half-century or more tell us to avoid the temptation to step in and try to solve your partner’s problems. Stop thinking of yourself as the ‘white knight’ who […]
April 25, 2016

Posing for affordable Wedding Photographer in St Lucia, Bill Mortley

Wedding Photography Another of St Lucia’s Wedding attractions One of the many things one can do in Soufriere, St Lucia. Mario & Tara walking along one of the best beaches in Soufriere with their affordable Wedding Photographer in St Lucia, and St Lucia Weddings, Bill Mortley against the background of the majestic Pitons. Moments before, they exchanged nuptial vows. Soufriere is one of the main tourist attractions here.  One of the things to do here in St Lucia, is to visit The Sulphur Springs, Diamond Botanical Gardens, Tet Paul and many others while vacationing here. Mario & Tara shortly after their wedding seen here posing for St Lucia wedding photographer Bill Mortley. The wedding of Tara and Mario was a sweet reward at the end of a five-year courtship to rival any soap opera. 24-year-old Mario, who works with a fertilizer company, lives in Connecticut. Ta, is the Guest Services Manager at a hotel in St. Martin. The two met two decades ago in Martinique. “I was pregnant,” Rosalie explains. “When I gave birth he was there.” Then inexplicably, “I decided to leave. He never knew and he looked for me.” For years, he kept asking her whereabouts from her sister Clara, who still […]