September 23, 2010

A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Your Wedding On A Small Budget

It is possible to plan a wedding on a small budget. You need to decide on how much you can afford, carefully select the most important requirements.
September 13, 2010

The ‘Real’ St Lucia, West Indies Wedding Experience

The real St. Lucia wedding experience.
September 13, 2010

St Lucia, West Indies: The Ideal Dream Wedding Location

John and Holly Walsh from London chose the nature aspect of things when they flew to St. Lucia for their destination wedding.
September 13, 2010

St Lucia, West Indies…Oh Yeah – Stay Here for Sure!

We had an upgraded suite and enjoyed the services of a personal butler, which was extraordinary. He handled everything from making dinner reservations, arranging our transportation, bringing snacks to our room, and reserving chairs at the pool.