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April 29, 2016
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For Paul Caulpool and Tracey Patricia Dean, family is at the core of their union, which they made official on the sun-kissed isle of St. Lucia. “It was a beautiful day. Just having family near to us is what really made the day,” gushes Tracey after her picturesque wedding documented by St Lucia wedding photographer, Bill Mortley. The couple was surrounded by their nearest and dearest at the Wyndham Morgan Bay Resort, as the bride was given away by her brother.

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 The setting however, was as far away as possible from home in Burmley, Kent, near London, with sunny breezes, blue skies and the murmur of waves always in the background. Of course the two British civil servants had to live up to the lush setting, so Paul, 42 and Tracey,38 cast away their usual work wear, and got decked out to reflect the joyous occasion.

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The First Dance

Affordable wedding photographer in St Lucia

The happiness of the day was captured forever by Bill Mortley, who the couple praised for his professionalism, and foresight in taking care of many details in advance, beginning from his website Tracey could only laugh as she says, “Some of (the guests) have been very rowdy and you’ve been calm and got them to where you needed to get them”, and Paul adding, “You’ve been great!”

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The excitement of the Paul and Tracey’s friends and family was all part of their fun island wedding, by which they chose not only for the low cost, but the wonderful scenery and sensational weather. “We decided to go somewhere else and everyone else can come with us and make it idyllic.” Although it’s their first time on the island, Tracy’s brother and their friends of St. Lucian parentage had them sold on the island and they were not disappointed!

“Coming here was ideal; If it rains in St. Lucia it rains for ten minutes and then dries out!”

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Of course the real vacation, and exploring St. Lucia’s lovely shores, could only begin after the wedding, which was properly documented by a St Lucia Wedding Photographer but it is one well-deserved.

Ironically the two met as Paul explains, “Through a sad occasion,” when he and his father were visiting his ill sister’s bedside. “When she actually passed we started talking and got to be close,” says Tracy.

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Pose after Pose

However, one can just imagine the blessing from beyond that is bestowed on them and (as they say in unison) their “first and last” marriage.

I found Paul and Tracey to be a fun-loving couple as we spent the greater part of an hour shooting their formals. They had travelled quite a long way from England to have their destination wedding in St Lucia and I was determined to do the very best I was capable of to ensure they were satisfied with my work. To my surprise, they did not complain in the least as I took them from location to location on what was a pretty hot day, although it was about 5:00pm, it was still pretty hot. They never complained. We went through pose after pose, first with family members, then with just the two of them. We ended up on the beach just before sunset where we managed to get some pretty good sunset shots.

Even in the bush<img src="BMP_3145a" alt="Affordable Wedding Photographer in St Lucia" />

We then proceeded to the reception where a sumptuous feast had been prepared. As the steel band played, they walked in and everyone started clapping. Soon it was time to have them do something I try to get every couple who hired a steel band…actually play with the band. They were each given one of the sticks the pan men use on the pans and with Tracey’s bouquet planted firmly between two of the pans, they “played” along with the band.

We then broke for dinner. I usually do not take photos when people are eating so I find a corner somewhere and hang around till that is over. At some weddings I am expected to eat along with the guests so as some point I will join the buffet and help myself. Of course no one catered for me so I have to find myself the cutlery and someplace where I can sit to eat.

Then there was the cutting of the cake as everyone gathered around to take their own photos and witness that fascinating event. I usually pose the couple so that I can get several shots of the cake cutting, as that is one of the highlights of the reception. I get them to place the knives on the cake and kiss each other before actually cutting the cake. I then continue to shoot as they plunge the knife and select a slice which they will share. This part of the reception takes a bit of time as they are usually asked to feed each other so that the guests can get pictures of them kissing. It appears that kissing at the reception is one of the very important traditions at a wedding reception as guests will strike their glasses in an effort to get the couple to kiss again and again.

After the cake cutting, it is usually time to for fun and games. Every wedding is different so I never know exactly what will happen next. Sometimes the first dance is held right after dinner and they may have the father/daughter dance following that then the Groom dances with his mother. Eventually they will have the throwing of the bouquet followed by the removal of the garter followed by the gathering of all the men who will attempt to catch the garter being thrown by the groom. This is the time when everyone is on their feet as they participate one way or another in this part of the ceremony. The sea is very rough today and one can hear the waves lashing angrily as they get to the shore. Nothing is going to stop this party from getting to its natural conclusion. As the affordable wedding photographer in St Lucia hired to document this wedding, I declare it is a job well done!

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