May 1, 2016

Family Ties in Paradise – St Lucia Wedding Photographer

For Paul Caulpool and Tracey Patricia Dean, family is at the core of their union, which they made official on the sun-kissed isle of St. Lucia. “It was a beautiful day. Just having family near to us is what really made the day,” gushes Tracey after her picturesque wedding documented by St Lucia wedding photographer, Bill Mortley. The couple was surrounded by their nearest and dearest at the Wyndham Morgan Bay Resort, as the bride was given away by her brother.  The setting however, was as far away as possible from home in Burmley, Kent, near London, with sunny breezes, blue skies and the murmur of waves always in the background. Of course the two British civil servants had to live up to the lush setting, so Paul, 42 and Tracey,38 cast away their usual work wear, and got decked out to reflect the joyous occasion. Affordable wedding photographer in St Lucia The happiness of the day was captured forever by Bill Mortley, who the couple praised for his professionalism, and foresight in taking care of many details in advance, beginning from his website Tracey could only laugh as she says, “Some of (the guests) have been very rowdy […]