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April 25, 2016
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Wedding Photography

Another of St Lucia’s Wedding attractions

One of the many things one can do in Soufriere, St Lucia.

Wedding Photography

© Bill Mortley, http://www.billmortleyphotography.com – Walking along the beach with St Lucia wedding photographer, Bill Mortley

Mario & Tara walking along one of the best beaches in Soufriere with their affordable Wedding Photographer in St Lucia, and St Lucia Weddings, Bill Mortley against the background of the majestic Pitons. Moments before, they exchanged nuptial vows. Soufriere is one of the main tourist attractions here.  One of the things to do here in St Lucia, is to visit The Sulphur Springs, Diamond Botanical Gardens, Tet Paul and many others while vacationing here. Mario & Tara shortly after their wedding seen here posing for St Lucia wedding photographer Bill Mortley.

The wedding of Tara and Mario was a sweet reward at the end of a five-year courtship to rival any soap opera.
24-year-old Mario, who works with a fertilizer company, lives in Connecticut. Ta, is the Guest Services Manager at a hotel in St. Martin.
The two met two decades ago in Martinique. “I was pregnant,” Rosalie explains. “When I gave birth he was there.” Then inexplicably, “I decided to leave. He never knew and he looked for me.” For years, he kept asking her whereabouts from her sister Clara, who still lived in Martinique.
They both went on with their lives. Jean Luc had a son, Rosalie married and also had children. But the chemistry endured.
Years later Rosalie began searching for Jean Luc via her sister to his best friend. He never got those messages. She then took a more direct route. “My sister knew that he was asking for me all the time, so we surprised him.”
“I was just being polite,” says Jean Luc, who went over expecting to do Clara a favor but instead found Rosalie. She says, “When he came in and saw me on the couch, he was quite amazed!”
It was eighteen years later, but it was as if they’d seen each other the day before. “”It was not hard for us because we knew each other from such a long time. It was a comfortable and a good moment. From there we decided this is it. He promised to call me every day. And he did.”
They commuted between Martinique and St. Martin, seeing each other on just a few drama-filled occasions. They were both in relationships, Rosalie’s was problematic and coming to an end, Jean Luc’s was not serious. He says, “It was the perfect time.” Still’ it was not smooth going.
In April 2010, while spending his birthday in St. Martin, Jean Luc dropped a surprise proposal. Rosalie was taken aback for only a moment and surprised Jean Luc by saying yes.
Their engagement only brought more drama says Rosalie. “When people see two people together they want to get in between. So many different things came into play, there was a lot of chaos we had to deal with.” Depressed, she called off the August wedding. When she was ready to go ahead however, Jean Luc felt he was not ready.
“He expected me to beg him to stay but I didn’t do that.”
A rough patch followed with many late night recriminations in phone calls and texts back and forth. Rosalie decided it was over but Jean Luc persisted, showing a willingness to change, and handling every challenge she put at his feet, and again asking her to marry him. “I said yes, you passed the test.”
Jean Luc and Rosalie finally pledged their love in the quiet legal ceremony in Martinique. The Wedding Photography
was captured in all its simple glory by an affordable wedding photographer in St Lucia, Bill Mortley, who came highly recommended by a Saint Lucian friend in St. Martin, Jessica Remy.
Jean Luc and Rosalie were happily saved any drama there, with even family and friends complementing Bill’s work. “They were quite amazed,” reveals Rosalie, “you’ll get referrals from us for sure.”
The happily wed couple plan a more lavish bash later but are happy to have cleared the most important hurdle, to prove as Rosalie pledges, “Really and truly, this is the last man for me.”, Bill Mortley affordable wedding photographer in St Lucia is scheduled to photograph the church ceremony in St. Martin early 2012.

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  1. Mortley Bill says:

    This was one of my best weddings. The fact that it took place in the lovely isle of Martinique makes it that more memorable.