June 21, 2012

Secret techniques for portrait photography

I believe great wedding photography is about capturing the moment. Every photographer especially a St Lucia wedding photographer, likes thinking outside the box and is always looking for new techniques, especially when clicking portraits. If you visit the gallery of photographer you are likely to come across some portraits and photos of famous people. Portrait photographers have to be more careful so as to develop their own individual techniques. They don’t want that the end products should resemble the work of some other photographer and would like to be known by his own individual and style of work. A great tip to follow and wow your clients s to stray away from the traditional methods of straight on shots. Try from a new perspective, perhaps from the top that can really change the way the picture looks. Also people like a great picture shot from a new angle. There are plenty of good photography sites that you can visit and look for some inspiration. There is no hard and fast rule that the subject has to look right in the camera. Actually, you, as a photographer should tell them not to look at the camera. People feel more relaxed and […]