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September 27, 2011
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Coffee shop leads coffee-snubs to Wedding Photography

He was sitting quietly at his table at Starbucks, buried in books and lost in the world of theology. In his mind, theology student Mosiah Ramontal was mulling over theories, ideas, and beliefs. It was a calming, eye-opening, thought-provoking silence.

People, and the scene around him, blurred to oblivion. There was no bustle, no noise, no interruptions—just him and utter peace. Suddenly, a voice jolted him out of his thoughts.

“I’m coming to you!” it said . . .

In an interesting twist of fate, or, as they say, God is not without a sense of humor, coffee-snub Natasha March was forced to set foot in a place she had never been. But avoid it as she might, on that fateful day she had no choice but to cross the threshold into Starbucks to request help for car trouble. As she pulled open the glass doors, she knew immediately who she would ask for help. He had looked up only briefly and went back to his books.

“I’m coming to you,” she repeated.

Mosiah blinked. Refocused. The young lady was his future wife, and she needed rescuing.

“I was buried in research and she walked up to me,” Mosiah recalled. “She needed help with her car and I helped her. Then she gave me her business card, and I called her later on to check up on the car. She told me that I’d already called her back once before. I don’t remember that,” he chuckled.

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A few calls later and the strangers decided to make it a go at becoming friends.

“Our first date was back at Starbucks,” Natasha laughed. “We went back and had tea together. It was a nice date and we had great conversation. At first I didn’t make anything of it, so it wasn’t until a couple months after talking with him and frequenting Starbucks that I knew he was the one.”

Incidentally, the two both lived in Miami. But that wasn’t where their similarities ended. Oddly enough, and unknown to one another, both attended the same Adventist church, both had Caribbean roots, and Mosiah had known Natasha’s sister for a while.

More peculiarly, neither of the two even liked coffee. Mosiah, who used the environment for study—drank only tea!
So how did the serendipitous encounter of two coffee-snubs happen to be at one of the world’s most popular coffee enterprises? Mosiah had the answer.

“She’s a godsend,” he said. “Prior to meeting her I told God that I wasn’t going to look for anyone, that I was going to wait on Him to send her to me,” he explained. “And He sent her to me. But most times when God sends us something we don’t pay attention to it. Which was what happened with us. As time went on however, she blossomed in my life and I just knew that she was the one.“

Natasha, curiously enough, had asked for the same.

“I told God that I would wait for someone,” she said. “And in the most unexpected place, at the most unexpected time, he came. We attended the same church and never knew each other before we met. Yet, he knew my sister. I had no idea.”

The two traveled back to the Caribbean for their wedding, to the island of St Lucia, where Mosiah grew up.

“I’ve always known that I didn’t want to get married in a church,” he said. “I wanted an open air wedding surrounded by nature. I suggested St Lucia because I left the island at the age of 11 and I remember it was beautiful there. We talked about it, changed our minds a couple times and finally settled,” Mosiah said.

“Then once we decided on St Lucia, I went on the hunt for a photographer,” Natasha, who is of Jamaican descent explained. “I found reviews on Bill Mortley that were very favorable and my mind was soon made up. I said I really want this gentleman to do my wedding. When we got to St Lucia, someone else recommended him. I was so relieved that we had the same person in mind.”

Natasha and Mosiah were married at the Jalousie Plantation Resort on September 18—a fabulous affair surrounded by family and friends. Then they traveled to their honeymoon destination of Costa Rica.

But the memory that lingers, they say, is St Lucia’s lush tropical landscape that provided the backdrop for their
Wedding Photography.

“The view from the hotel is just amazing,” Mosiah said. “It’s nestled between the island’s famous twin Pitons and it is truly breathtaking!”

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