Great wedding location

Wedding Photography St Lucia Wedding Photographer We had a wonderful time at this resort. Our butlers were amazing and worth the extra money as long as you use them. Food was pretty good too. If you go, stay in the bluffs, it is the best location there. We had our Wedding Photography on the […]

How I Met the Love of My Life – St Lucia Wedding Photographer

By Kendall Burton Until 2001 in St Lucia, the most I’d ever done online was check my email. I’d just got back from Dominica – recovering from a break-up of a 6 year relationship – a place I usually went to, to escape from the stress in my life. I’d come home from a particularly […]

Third time’s the charm!

When it’s nice, do it twice… but what about three times—then wind up the same place you began, more in love than you ever thought you could be? Paul and Denise Weston never in a million years dreamed they’d wind up together again when they split up 33 years ago—and their story is one of […]

Drew & Michelle Duncan – A Wedding Adventure

Though they hesitate to say it, it was almost love at first sight for Michelle and Drew, in a meeting that was inevitable, and compelling. “The first night, I wasn’t trying to impress anybody, I was wearing ratty old clothes, just playing pool. I saw her and I thought ‘oh my!’ I remember that night […]