August 4, 2011

You can’t hurry love

St Lucia Wedding Photographer The Wedding Photography of Rosalie Heligar and Jean Luc De Percin was a sweet reward at the end of a twenty-year courtship to rival any soap opera. 44-year-old Jean Luc, who works with a fertilizer company, lives in Martinique. Rosalie, 41, is the Guest Services Manager at a hotel in St. Martin. The two met two decades ago in Martinique. “I was pregnant,” Rosalie explains. “When I gave birth he was there.” Then inexplicably, “I decided to leave. He never knew and he looked for me.” For years, he kept asking her whereabouts from her sister Clara, who still lived in Martinique. They both went on with their lives. Jean Luc had a son, Rosalie married and also had children. But the chemistry endured. Years later Rosalie began searching for Jean Luc via her sister to his best friend. He never got those messages. She then took a more direct route. “My sister knew that he was asking for me all the time, so we surprised him.” “I was just being polite,” says Jean Luc, who went over expecting to do Clara a favour but instead found Rosalie. She says, “When he came in and saw […]