February 4, 2011


Wedding Photography Etajh and Zayne Johnson’s Wedding Photography may have lacked the drama normally associated with the day but for them it was exactly as it should be. “What made our wedding so special was that it was so intimate,” says Zayne. “There was nobody there we didn’t know. The most important thing was having family there. Family and close friends.” Officiating was Pastor Charles, also known to Zayne and her family from her church, Castries SDA. The young bride, turned 24 the day before her July 4th wedding, making it easy, says her husband Etajh, to remember the wedding date. Zayne is a recent graduate of the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC), where she met Etajh. Also 24, he is an interim pastor in St. Maarten and works with the North Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventists. Etajh graduated a year before Zayne but they had already formed a strong bond. “The very first time I saw Zayne was on the steps of my dorm… looking lost. She was a freshman and I had been there before. First time I spoke to her? She was walking from the library to the female dorm and I said hi.” Etajh […]