Surprise!!! We’re Getting Married! In St Lucia!!!

It was sandy breezes, sunny seas and a lover’s seal, as soul mates John Jones and Karen Hardy tied the knot. It was not the traditional Wedding Photography  but after all says Paul, “It’s not about family, it’s about two people.” These two share a five-year connection that began with friendship. Manager of an auto […]

Courtney and Jennifer Feeling very Hot, Hot, Hot!!

For Courtney Ian Roger Oakley and Jennifer Efani Majumazia, a “hot” Wedding Photography  in Saint Lucia was an easy choice. “It’s a dream destination; just being a place that is known to be luxurious. Saint Lucia is known for doing weddings. It’s every girl dream… if you want something nice, cosy, luxurious,” says Jennifer. Getting […]

Vicky and Amy Biscette – From Cold to Hot, Hot, Hot

After hours talking, Amy says she felt safe with Vicky in a way she hadn’t felt with anybody. “He’s so gentle. I felt comfortable with him, I felt I could trust him…you’re not supposed to kiss a person the first time you meet and I didn’t want him to come across as that kind of person but I kissed him.